Modern Video Analysis for modern teams

Video analysis for Pro teams


Interplay-sports has an easy setup for your metrics you want to use in your analysis.


Interplay sports organizes all your metrics in logical variable groups.

This allows you to select multiple variables for each situation and provides unique opportunities in the analysis and what you want to see.

Match Analysis for sports


Interplay sports allow you to combine players with passes and fixed situations, defined optionally by you according to what you want to see.


Key passes and key situations that are crucial to the game are easy to find - even in advanced analyzes.

All situations are connected to the video files from the game.

Share your analysis with your players


Interplay sports can automatically generate video files to all players with upload to Youtube with video link to players email. It is also easy to distribute groups of video clips with tactical content that are used in presentations for players or tactical use for the coaches.

Interplay can group video clips from multiple games with different purposes. These can also be uploaded to Youtube with links to all or a few selected recipients.

All upload to Youtube has status Unlisted and can not be viewed or searched by others.




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